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Welcome to Connector

Your one-stop-shop for Car Fleet, Mobility, Technology and Benefits Advice.

Cross-functional global expertise via local representation.


A solution based on

your fleet model

Improve your Fleet Management inside one model or combine different models?

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Total Cost of Ownership

Traditional Fleet Setup

Your Core Fleet runs on cost or benefit principles. Your tools are sourcing, car policy and driver management. Success is based on cost efficiency.


Total Cost of Usership

On-Demand Fleet

You manage your cars as assets. Your car fleet is highly harmonized and sourcing is done in batches. Your employees need "a" car, not "their" car. Success is achieved by the level of the usage of each asset.


Total Cost of Mobility


You deliver integrated flexible solutions on productivity based principles. Employees are empowered to select the most efficient solution within corporate guidelines. Success is measured by employee efficiency, recruitment/retention, emissions.

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About Connector

Centralized and affordable Fleet advice for Global Customers

Connecting the mobility ecosystem worldwide.


Connector provides consulting and advice to participants in mobility around the world.


We work with corporate mobility users and providers across a range of disciplines, from start-up software vendors to multi-national corporations.


Our role is to connect your business with the right people to ensure your success.


We advise and deliver on a range of issues from traditional corporate fleet management, to rollout of total mobility solutions.


We work with vendors to advise and implement new products designed for market and connect you with customers and supporters in any region worldwide.


Connector connects.

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Our Unique Position

We are an alliance of certified fleet experts, located across the world, offering services globally to the mobility ecosystem.


Global Network


One Stop Shopping Platform


Certified Services

What we do

We provide a range of services tailored to your situation and your needs.

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Fleet Maturity Test

The fleet maturity survey allows you to objectively measure the maturity of your fleet in 6 categories:

  • Car Policy,

  • Risk Management,

  • Sourcing & Supplier Management,

  • Contracts & Agreements,

  • Mobility and Powertrains,

  • Data & Cost.


After replying to 30 multiple-choice questions, the tool calculates a ‘maturity score’ and positions your score against a ‘target maturity level’ based on your fleet size.

Try using the tool based on specific global regions for your fleet to allow you to measure the results of your efforts in each country or region.

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The Mobility Strategy & Technology for Corporate

  • Don’t write off the company car, but add alternative solutions

Enhance We believe in additional solutions that can support any car fleet strategy, whether you desire an aggressive or defensive solution. We can tailor a solution for you.

  • Tailor fleet and mobility solutions to location, user needs and supply chain availability

Flexibility Your business is complex, not just across geographies, supply chain, employee/business company needs but also your culture. Our fleet and mobility solutions retain your flexibility that enable you to continue to win as a team.

  • Use technology to reduce complexity

Technology Our Innovative technology creates a simple and elegant solution that is friendly to all users.

  • Deliver cost neutral change

Cost Significance We understand the challenge of budget constraints and the importance of cost reduction. We work with you to generate savings that can be used for investment.

Added Value to

Fleet Insurance

Connector offers you an integrated link between traditional fleet management and insurance matters. If savings, risk management and operational optimizations are important for you, we need to talk about your fleet and  the insurance in one conversation.

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The M15 Forums

Thought Leader Forum for Fleet Managers

The M15 Forums are exclusive, invitation-only events with a strong focus on education. With the support of 6 subject matter experts from the supply chain (OEM, leasing, research, tech companies, mobility providers, tax specialist, consulting) a burning topic is explored from different angles. Each speaker receives 30 minutes to explore the topic from her or his point of view and expertise. The experts avoid commercial/sales pitches and concentrate on knowledge transfer.

Fleet Management is changing drastically. The client is facing new challenges and the supplier is exploring new services. M15 brings us together.

Past Event
M15 Mobility Webinar
Pitching for Innovation

July 24, 2020

3 pm - 5 pm (AEST: UTC+10)​

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