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A diverse and qualified team of

fleet and mobility experts from across the world.


Few industries have changed as greatly or as rapidly as the automotive and mobility industry in the early stages of the 21st century.


Big data, vehicle connectivity and demands for mobility rather than simple fleet management have produced an environment that would be unrecognisable ten years ago.


The industry sees a blurring of lines between operational capability and human resource management driven by technology and demanding of efficiencies.

Compounding the difficulty is the global mismatch of development and innovation. Trends that are emerging in one region of the world are already standardised in another.


Connector brings together a team of experts with a diverse range of skills and experience from across the globe. We have a presence in every major market and a level of understand that is second to none.

One point of contact for all your mobility needs, regardless of topic or geography. 

Welcome to Connector

Corporate Partners

In addition to our team of fleet and mobility experts, Connector has selected a small team of partners to provide professional advice across a wide range of topics. These are companies that excel by innovation, reputation and knowledge across a range of fields, chosen by Connector to ensure that we connect you to the right advice.


Marketing & Communication


Tax Accounting


Project & Change Management




Data & Research


Technology & Software

Our Unique Position

We are an alliance of certified fleet experts, located across the world, offering services globally to the mobility ecosystem.


Global Network


​One Stop Shopping Platform


Certified Services

Our Value

Global Network

The Connector Network reaches all continents, either through our Strategic Partner network or via our community of independent Fleet Experts. On each continent, Connector is represented in different countries. Our community is unique; our Experts share experiences with each other and constantly improve their knowledge.  Being Global means that our Clients don’t have to worry about finding local expertise, but also that our Clients know that the Connector network understands how global corporates work.


One Stop Shopping Platform

Corporate Fleet related questions are rarely isolated and limited to one specific topic. A Car Policy review can generate questions about employee taxation; a global tender might need a project manager. This is why Connector offers a multi-disciplinary approach to traditional consulting. Our Experts come from different backgrounds within the Supply Chain or have been managing large fleets themselves. Also, Connector is linked to global Corporate Partners, such as BDO and Frost & Sullivan, to ensure that we can answer any question that might arise when we provide you with advice. Your Advantage? Only one point of contact for any concern and the involvement of real subject matter experts.


Certified Services

One Shopping Platform






Certified Services

Each of our Experts has a successful track record in the Fleet ecosystem and are recognized, professionals. Connector also applies a four-eye principle on each deliverable; before submitting the outcome of a Consulting job to the Client, all the documents, calculations and recommendations are verified by at least one other Expert. Connector also spends time with the Client to make sure there’s a good understanding of the expectations – this results in a Statement of Work that is mutually agreed by the Client and Connector. The four-eye principle also checks whether the Client receives exactly what she/he expects from Connector.

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The Connector Talents

Fleet, Mobility & Tech Experts

RFP, RFI Standards, Contract & Car , Policy Templates, Maturity Surveys

Data Analysis

Mobility Calculator, Database, Survey SW

Professional Project Manager

PMI / Agile Software

Lean 6-Sigma Expert

6S Analytics

Graphic Designer

Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro

Marketing Professional

Market Analytics, 4P. Marketing Advice

Working with Connector

It all starts with a chat!
Connector's Global Expert Members can assist you in any location, on any topic. They receive support from our selected Corporate Partners in order to offer you a high-value and comprehensive solution and execution.
You can apply for information by sharing with us the contents of the consultation in the New Request Form or simply be reaching out to us. Connector will set up quickly a preliminary meeting with you to understand your goals and expectations.
Find out if your project needs specialised Project Management; check your project category on the Project Categorization Tool which is supported by our Partner Company CPC 

Talk to the Connector Team

If you have any question or request, Please feel free to contact us through a contact form in this site or direct E-mail ( You can schedule a call or chat sessions with us and discuss your projects, concerns and vision with Industry Experts. 

New Project

Your personal Connector will reach out to you on short notice and invite you for a personal conversation to understand your project, your requirements and your timeline. This conversation will lead to a Statement of Work, the basis of our future collaboration.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Based on the SOW, we reach out to our Expert base, and will come back to you with one or more pricing proposals; we might have more than one Expert available and we want you to be able to select the best fit. Some projects even require more than one Expert or more disciplines to be covered. Both the pricing and the coordination will be included in the proposal.​

Approval of the SOW

The Expert will deliver directly to Connector. We will check the content against the SOW to make sure all your questions are correctly answered and supported by facts. Connector will also make sure that the deliverable looks good and is ready to use. For more complex projects that involve multiple Experts or disciplines, we will compile and consolidate in a usable format.

Purchase Order

Once you approve the proposal and raise a Purchase Order to confirm your approval, we will take care of the project. Your only point of contact is your Connector counterpart. We will keep you updated on progress and you will receive access to a dedicated SharePoint folder where all incoming information, including the project plan as such, are stored and accessible to you. We want to create a maximum of comfort for you.

​After the delivery of the project, Connector will contact you in person for a feedback session.


Global Mobility Services


Global Director Mobility Services

William Ireson

William joins Connector as Global Director Mobility Services where he brings a wealth of experience in HR Corporate Benefits.

Previously based in the City of London as a Consultant in Corporate Health, Risk and Wellness solutions, he then moved to Amsterdam, his current home, for a role with Nike as a Global Benefits Manager, developing a more strategic skillset across Total Rewards design, implementation and governance, whilst also satisfying his passion for sports. With a creative and innovative mindset William was also able to explore and develop new Fleet and Mobility Solution, that met the evolving needs of the business and employee engagement. 

At Connector, William is taking the lead in car-to-mobility projects and investigating new products and services, with a focus on Total Rewards, Technology and integration of Gamification and Employee Wellness in the mobility ecosystem.

Connector APAC

Shane-Curran Connector.jpg


Shane Curran

Based in Sydney, Australia and covering the Asia-Pacific region, Connector APAC holds a wealth of experience in region-specific fleet management and mobility. Director Shane Curran has lived or worked in almost all countries across the region and holds particular expertise in connected mobility, systems and vendor management. From the most sophisticated, high-tech and connected fleets, through to teams of diesel pickups in regional areas, Connector APAC has the experience and expertise to help.


NIgel Webb.jpg

Strategic Partner

Nigel Webb

37 years of various local and international fleet management career.


He has participated in or managed a broad range of Fleet Management projects which include Active Fleet management, Fleet Business Process Re-engineering, Strategy development, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Change Management and Fleet Management Information systems.

Join the Expert Community

When starting up or growing a fleet consultancy business, we have a vision.

We want a steady customer base, exciting projects and a guaranteed income.


But we also face the limits of being a local supplier: restricted access to international companies, limited lead generation and lack of information about technology and innovation.


Becoming a member of the Connector will give you the tools

to push your business to the next level.

The key value of Connector is its ability to offer your local expertise to an international community of Fleet Owners. A Customer located in any country who needs advice for a fleet outside of her/his country can reach out to Connector. Connector will dispatch the request to the Expert Community in the respective countries.

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