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Connector Lounge

Fleet Managers face different challenges every day. Some of them may require investigation and analysis, but some of them can be simple questions for advice or sense checks, to which Connector can answer instantaneously.  Connector proposes three solutions to assist you :

The Registration is Free of Charge

More Detail
More Detail
Fleet Maturity

Connector Forum

The quickest way to raise your questions is via the Connector Customer Forum.
The Forum consists of experienced Connector Experts as well as Fleet Managers who are registered in the  Connector Customer Lounge. The Connector Team in Japan keeps an eye on the quality and integrity of the conversations.
Perfect for a quick question of verification, this service is entirely free and just requires you to register to the Customer Lounge. The Connector Customer Community is also your sparring partner.
Connector Forum

Private Session

For more insight, you can book a private conversation session of 1 hour.
During the closed session, you can ask tips and tricks on various topics to a local Expert or to the Connector Team. Booking an appointment is easy :  fill in the application sheet for a private session and tell us what you want to discuss. Based on your input, Connector will select the best Expert for the topics and set up a conference call.
The fee for this service is 150$/1hour. You’ll enjoy the experience of talking to Connector.
Private Session

Standard Consultation

Consultation is the solution for projects.
As the product page explains, Connector's Global Expert Members can assist you in any location, on any topic. They receive support from our selected Partner Companies in order to offer you a high-value and comprehensive solution and execution.
You can apply for help or advice by sharing with us the contents of the consultation in the New Request Form. Connector will set up quickly a preliminary meeting with you to understand your goals and expectations.
For more information, have a look at the "How does it work?" page.
Standard Consultation

Fleet Maturity Test

The Fleet Maturity Survey allows you to quantify the maturity of your fleet in the context of 6 categories : Car Policy, Risk Management, Sourcing & Supplier Management, Contracts & Agreements, Mobility and Powertrains, Data & Cost. The Survey walks you through the main areas of contemporary Fleet Management. After replying to 30 detailed multiple choice questions, the tool will calculate a maturity score and positions your score against a target maturity level, calculated in function of the fleet size.

You can use the tool to quantify the results of your efforts in a country or region, but most of all, we want you to enjoy this survey!

This function is not available on smartphones
Fleet Maturity Test
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