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Application can be done through PC site.

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The Application is Free of Charge

How do I become a Member of Connector

As we desire to guarantee premium service to our Customers, we have put in place a Certification methodology to safeguard the quality of Connector.



The Certification consists of 2 parts. An interview with a member of the Connector team and one Pioneer during which we will, in a comfortable and easy way, get acquainted with each other. We will mainly focus on your CV / professional background and profile your strengths against our requirements. The second part is a 2-page essay about a particular Fleet related question. The essay will be assessed by the same panel. In case of disagreement, another Pioneer will cast the decisive vote.



You will also be required to submit a pricing table and your invoicing details.



A successful application will be celebrated by a “Certificate of Excellence”, valid for 2 years, and a personalized article on the monthly update page of the website.


Once you decide to become a Connector Expert or Pioneer, we will establish a “Gentleman’s Agreement” that describes our way of working and your pricing table. From a legal perspective, you will be a supplier to Connector.

Connector Certification Procss

Application Process


of Fee

Certificate of








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