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Working with Connector

The Connector team receives a request for proposal from a Customer.

Connector will discuss the deliverables with the Customer and establish a Statement of Work. Based on this SOW, Connector will reach out to you and ask you for a timing estimate (start date + how many days to finalise successfully the request) and a commercial one-pager promoting your services. The Expert selection is done based on geography, availability, type of expertise and prior customer rating.

1. Proposal

Connector Proposal



Once the Customer agrees to all SOM and the offer, you will receive an order and a PO number for start of Execution.



Once your deliverable is available, Connector will ensure its conformity with the SOW, re-format if necessary and submit to the Customer. Connector will also engage directly with the Customer and feedback to you.

2. Execution

Connctor Exceution



After delivery, the Customer will be asked to assess and rate the quality of the work. It is important for Connector to maximize Customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

3. Delivery

Connector Delivery



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