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Increase of your motor insurance costs in the near future is almost unavoidable
We can provide solutions to avoid the unavoidable

Added Value to

Fleet Insurance

Connector has selected fi insurance​, an independent insurance adviser and broker, as our Insurance Expert to assist you with questions about commercial fleet insurance.

After managing an insurance company, a reinsurance company, and an insurance broker, all exclusively specialized in fleet insurance, fi insurance's Eelco van de Wiel founded his company in 2010. Since the launch, Eelco has partnered with fleet owners across the globe to improve their insurance status.

fi insurance has delivered services to clients with fleet sizes from 200 to 50K vehicles. To date, substantial savings, above ROI 1:10, have been realized for each customer. 

Connector offers you an integrated link between traditional fleet management and insurance matters. If savings, risk management and operational optimizations are important for you, we need to talk about your fleet and  the insurance in one conversation.


Market Insights

What are the most important things to know about fleet insurance?

The executives responsible for fleets tend to wear many hats, responsible for sourcing, involved in car policy and being the end responsible for the operational excellence of their fleets. Consequently, there's not always the opportunity to build knowledge in a specialized area such as fleet insurance. 
The Connector Insurance Partner, fi insurance, is specialized in fleet insurance with more than 20 years experience in managing motor insurance for fleet owners and leasing companies across the globe. We share our experience through articles, lectures, books and training to enable fleet managers to gain insights into this specialized area and specifically into the savings levers available within each market.
To help you, we have developed tools to assess your current insurance set-up. Try the Insurance Maturity Test, to highlight where your fleet is placed versus a best practice situation. Talk to Connector and obtain a scope benchmark to provide a first insight into the magnitude of the savings that could be realized for a specific fleet.
This won't cost you a penny
Below an overview is provide of our services and how these can be obtained:
  • Insurance maturity test: Free of charge survey, click the logo

  • Articles are available free of charge. Simply sign up to an email list via website our read our articles on the Fleet Europe and Global Fleet websites


Business Case

How much savings can be realized for my fleet?

Prior to making any change in your insurance set-up, an assessment of the "as is" is required. We offer various tools, at affordable pricing and sometimes even for free, to understand and quantify potential improvements. Based on a first assessment, we'll be able to share with you a business case, appropriate for your company and compatible with your organisation.
The business case will give you insight in cost versus benefits and re/confirmation of the available insurance optimization strategies.
You are in the driving seat, but we will give you the tools to decide on optimization strategies such as unbundling, self-insurance, agreements with body repair networks and driver influencing.
Based on 20+ years’ experience in the fleet insurance market, we offer a number of products that provide insight into the specific savings for a fleet:
  • Benchmark: our Experts rely on a catalog of best practice and benchmark data base of 4 million vehicles across the world

  • Potential assessment: our Potential Assessment provides a detailed analysis of the savings potential and as such provides the full business case for optimization projects. With our savings matrix we highlight all savings potential with an estimated benefit on the basis of the fleets specific situation and requirements. Furthermore, we also provide insight in the benchmark savings and best in class savings of each of these initiatives.

  • PCC Quick scan: has your fleet the right composition to implement your own captive insurance? With the help of Connector and its Partners, we'll assess the potential for your company and assist you with quantified arguments to make the right decision

  • ART Feasibility study: a Captive might not be the right decision for you today, which often puts self insurance back on the table. Connector and its partners will design for you the right options in self insurance, taking into account TPL and casco based on your data.


Product & Implementation

Realize the benefit, without large investment in resources

  • Unbundling: in many countries, insurance is procured as part of the leasing product. Unbundling the insurance from the lease is viewed as a complex and risky venture. We have strong expertise in this area to ensure smooth, controlled and risk-free transition to a more economic and transparent unbundled situation, in collaboration with your leasing supplier

  • Insurance tender: we provide a comprehensive service including data collection and enriching, to reach a point where a successful insurance tender can be performed. Thanks to Connector's coverage, we can handle an insurance tender from local data collection up to world-wide implementation. We will also assist you with our underwriting experience

  • Claims handling tender: you are successfully managing your insurance and you're looking for the right partner to handle driver claims. Connector and fi insurance will find the right partner to satisfy the needs of your employees, maximize the deployment of your repair networks and generate savings

  • Captive Programs and Self Insurance: Increasingly fleet owners are participating in both own damage and third-party liability risks through various structures, including captives, protected cells and local self-insurance schemes. Our partners have been involved in the setting up of more than 100 of such programs 


To what extent do you want to be involved in the implementation of a new or revised insurance program? We offer our expertise to walk you through the process, step by step, or take over the implementation ourselves. For complex programs, we can even offer professional project and change management support to make sure your investment reaches full potential  


In-Life Management

Ensure that the realized benefit is maintained over time

Once an improvement project has been completed, the work does not stop: it is of vital importance to measure the benefit versus the baseline, verify operational excellence and take remedial actions where required. I
Our full or semi outsourcing program is truly the pinnacle of professional insurance management. Your savings and optimizations stop being a one-off benefit, but will become ongoing and dynamic. 
  • Insurance dashboards

  • Captive management

  • Brokerage

  • PCC facility

International program management

In order to maximize procurement power and create transparency in terms and conditions between group operating companies, it is advisable to establish international insurance programs. Our experience is that many of the attempts to create an international program do not reach full potential.

We have specialized in last-mile role out of international programs, exactly for these countries or fleets where your investments have not been successful.

Insurance Maturity Test

Whether you lease your company cars or buy them, you’re bound to end up with different types of coverage depending on the supplier or the location of your cars. In reality, it’s possible, even likely, that not all your employees are insured in the same way against the same risks.


This self-test is designed to help you. 14 qualitative questions will guide you through the different areas of car insurance that offer potentially a better coverage, more ownership, increased savings and eventually a better protection of your employees.


Once the questionnaire finished, your fleet will receive a scoring. A high score means that your fleet has reached a high level of maturity, a low score implies that there are still many areas left to intervene and make a difference.


You can also compare the insurance maturity of several fleets. The Insurance Maturity Test will calculate for you where your intervention is most necessary and which topics need to be tackled first.


Enjoy the Insurance Maturity Test!

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