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Pitching for Innovation

Mobility Webinar Series


24 September 2020   15:00 – 17:00 AEST


Making a Case for Mobility Innovation

The era of traditional fleet management is coming to an end and as a Fleet Manager, HR Benefits Manager or anyone in a corporate leadership role, it’s vital to understand the nuances of what comes next and how to pitch sustainable transport to your board.

Across the APAC region, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to deliver sustainable transport benefits to their staff, but vendors are not yet ready to deliver. How can mobility options be made available in such a fragmented market?

The M15 Webinar series is part of an ongoing Connector initiative to guide business leaders through the transition from traditional fleet management to integrated mobility solutions. The webinars are  valuable for Fleet Managers, HR Benefits Managers and business leaders interested in sustainable transport options.

Pitching for Innovation

How do you pitch an innovative solution to a board of directors or a senior management team?

It’s a question that many executives and line managers struggle with. Often, when trying to innovate, the solutions being offered can be tricky to grasp and when you find yourself facing your senior execs, you need to be sure that you are telling the story in a way that makes sense.

In this M15, Connector presents a ‘Mock Pitch’ from the internal project team to the board, seeking approval for an integrated mobility solution. A fleet manager, a HR manager and a finance manager all present their perspectives and the board will decide whether the project goes ahead.


Case Base Information
The Company

Staid and Son Co. Ltd have been in business for over 70 years, manufacturing quality household widgets. Their client base is both consumers through hardware and big box stores and directly to the construction industry.

They operate a fleet of approximately 1600 vehicles, including 400 LCV and around 100 trucks up to 4.5 tonne used for deliveries. The remaining vehicles are passenger vehicles, with around 700 tool of trade and around 400 benefit vehicles.

Staid and Son are long established and have made caution a virtue. While they realise they need to move with the times, they are also reluctant to be too far ahead of the curve.

The Project Team

Three key members of the project team have been selected to make the pitch to the board; the Fleet Manager, the HR Manager and the Finance Director.

Together with their vendors, they have agreed on an innovative approach to mobility that can reduce their fleet size and distribute ‘mobility benefits’ to all employees.

While the team is very excited about the potential, they also recognise that this approach might raise some concerns at board level.

Can they convince the board?


Corporate vehicles and transport are ripe for innovation but how does that work in the real world?

For HR managers looking to deliver transport benefits or for the Fleet Manager looking to introduce new mobility options, one of the biggest hurdles is taking senior management and the Boardroom on the journey.

Pitching complicated solutions is never easy and innovation can be a danger-sign when not pitched well.

This webinar provides a unique approach to “Pitching for Innovation” as we roleplay an APAC business assessing and pitching mobility solutions to their board of directors. Real executives will discuss from their point of view how to succeed in the pitch and how to capture the imagination of your decision makers.


3:00 PM  


Shane Curran, Connector

3:10 PM  

Staid and Son

Yves Helven

Yves Helven will act as CEO of Staid and Son, introducing the company to attendees and walk us through the structure of the company and high level issues.

3:20 PM  

Selected Vendors

Paul Oliver - Connector / Irwan Iriks - OviDrive / Tom Broos - Vaigo

Our selected vendors will provide a short overview of their proposal.

3:50 PM  

The Fleet Manager

Mace Hartley -AfMA

Our fleet manager explains why the company fleet needs to modernise now and how new mobility solutions will deliver that.

4:10 PM  

The HR Manager

William Ireson - CMaaS

Our HR Manager provides and exciting and cost-neutral set of benefits to attract and engage staff.

4:30 PM  

The Finance Director

Deb Bacon, Connector

Our CFO walks through the financial impact in more detail, explaining how new initiative can actually deliver cost-reductions when done well.

5:00 PM  

End of Webinar


Deb Bacon


Deb has been in senior positions in the automotive industry for over 20 years with experience covering Fleet , Finance , Training , Sales and Dealer operations.


Tom Broos

Co-founder and CTO - Vaigo

Tom is the co-founder and CTO of Vaigo, the smart mobility management for employers. The platform enables large organisations and multinationals to offer flexible, multi-vendor mobility policies to their employees, without administrative hassle. Tom previously worked as a business analytics consultant and is affiliated with KU Leuven as a human-computer interaction researcher.


“The problem with 90% of mobility tools is that they only address the needs of 10% of the employees in a typical corporate environment. We can do a lot better than this once we put employees, their wishes, and their challenges at the centre of the solution.”.


Shane Curran

Director - CONNECTOR

With more than 25 years of experience in fleet management, mobility and related software, Shane is a growth-oriented, strategic leader with a focus on the APAC region.

""I think the toughest think for fleet managers right now is getting a handle on the enormous range of options. I don’t just mean vendors, but the array of approaches and technologies that are being advocated too."


Mace Hartley

Executive Director - AFMA

Mace has over 30 year’s commercial experience spanning retail automotive, general insurance and fleet management industries. He holds an Associate Diploma in Accounting and held Key roles including Chief Financial Officer for Sumitomo, National Sales & Distribution Manager for Swann Insurance specialising in Fleet, Broker and New Markets and General Manager of Smartfleet Management. Mace is passionate about people development and understands the best outcomes can only be achieved through mutually beneficial relationships.


Yves Helven

Managing Director - Connector K.K.

With 20 years of automotive experience (OEM, FMO, Fleet Outsourcing), Yves Helven is the MD of global fleet consultant Connector.

"The era of traditional fleet management is coming to an end. The inflation of regulations in the advanced markets and the changing demographics in the emerging markets are inviting us to think differently. It’s time for client and supply chain to join forces and decide what “Mobility” means.”


William Ireson

Global Director Mobility Services - Connector/CMaaS

Previously based in the City of London as a Consultant in Corporate Health, Risk and Wellness solutions, he then moved to Amsterdam, his current home, for a role with Nike as a Global Benefits Manager, developing a more strategic skillset across Total Rewards design, implementation and governance, whilst also satisfying his passion for sports. With a creative and innovative mindset William was also able to explore and develop new Fleet and Mobility Solution, that met the evolving needs of the business and employee engagement. 


Paul Oliver


Paul has been involved in the fleet industry for approximately 25 years. I've spent 20 years working in fleet management with Custom Fleet and ORIX in a range of senior roles. A further 2 years working in a national fleet role with Kia Motors, along with 3 years in a multi-franchised dealership.


Irwan Iriks

CGO - OviDrive

Irwan is Chief Growth Officer at OviDrive, a SaaS that helps enterprise reduce their fleet costs and the number of company cars they need.

"Digital fleet management is critical for data driven decision making toward implementing alternative mobility

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The Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) is a member based, not-for- profit peak industry body with over 600 members throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

AfMA embraces the entire spectrum of the fleet industry by forging an inclusive relationship within the automotive industry, including manufacturers, importers, distributors and other suppliers.


CMaaS is a digital solution for corporate fleet management and mobility solutions. AI powered, CMaaS increases operational efficiency, reduces cost, improves safety and creates a suite of benefits and flexible solutions for corporate fleets.


OviDrive aggregates and centralises your fleet data, manages vendors and costs in real time and improves the way cars are shared an utilised.

Vaigo Logo.png

Vaigo enables a new kind of mobility policies for large companies that care about how employees travel to work, everyday. By combining the best of breed Mobility & Technology solutions, Vaigo manages companies' unique mobility policy to help enforcing it, in zero-admin mode, while enabling every employee to choose their best options, within authorised limits. Simple.

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Kota Tsuda

Director - CONNECTOR

Shane Curran

Strategic Partner - CONNECTOR

Yves Helven

General Director - Connector K.K.

Connector Insight



Few trends have swept an industry the way the concept of “Mobility” has swept through the fleet management industry in the past decade. It has become the cure-all buzzword for fleet operators, human resource departments and travel managers worldwide, but it seems that there are as many definitions of "Mobility" as there are people to define it.


This paper considers the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses in general and the fleet management world in particular. We look at the developing trends in the field as well as the impact on people and places. Complete with practical recommendations and forecasts of coming changes, the documents considers how Mobility will affect you and your business and how you can turn it to your advantage.


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