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Beyond Covid -

Australia from a Global Perspective

Beyond Covid -
Australia from a Global Perspective

Since 2018, Connector has been hosting the regular M15 series on conferences and seminars on fleet and mobility initiatives within Australia. We now face a new challenge with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the associated lockdowns affecting businesses of all types.


However, the current global lockdown does present Connector with a unique opportunity to showcase Global Experts in their regular M15 seminar series. We have brought together speakers from around the world to focus on Mobility, Fleet and the Sharing Economy in Australia and to share their perspectives from a wider viewpoint.


This session will be presented by webinar but will be following the same interactive formula that has proven successful in the past. You will have the opportunity to put questions to the panel, provide live feedback and receive a variety of tools and documents to assist with your mobility strategy.


3:00 PM  


Shane Curran, Connector

3:10 PM  

Beyond Covid - An Australian Perspective

Mace Hartley, AfMA

While Australia has not been struck hard by the Covid-19 virus, the shutdowns are affecting the nation as greatly as any other. AfMA Executive Director Mace Hartley walks us through the new normal for Fleets and Mobility in Australia and looks forward to how the industry will change.

3:20 PM  

Aggregation Delivery

Tom Broos, Vaigo

Technology is offering unprecedented opportunities to aggregate mobility and related offerings and deliver them in a single, streamlined offering. Tom Broos are working at the forefront of this field delivering integrated mobility solutions that can work across multiple providers through Vaigo Smart Mobility.

Mobility aggregation benefits create efficiencies by opening up a wider range of options for employees and delivering a standardised input to the corporate office. Already proving to be a major disrupter across Europe, our webinar presents an exceptional opportunity for Australian corporates to learn more about this trend.

3:45 PM  

The Mobility Payoff - Employee Benefits

William Ireson, Connector

The success of green and efficient mobility options is often dependent on employee acceptance. When staff perceive a loss of benefit, changes are unlikely to be welcomed.


UK born William Ireson has confronted this problem in markets across the globe, including with major US, UK, and European organisations. This session will focus on how real benefits to employees on the ground can make the difference between a successful mobility initiative and another failed project. This session will provide essential insights for Australia HR professionals.

4:10 PM  

Own the Asset

Ron Sullivan and Ovidiu Radu, OviDrive

Owned fleets and other owned assets will continue to play an important role in mobility for many years to come. Business should be thinking about incorporating assets not phasing them out.


Ovidiu Radu and Ron Sullivan walk through the technologies that allow you to take full advantage of the vehicle as an asset. Join them for this informative session.

4:35 PM  

Bringing it all Together

- The Australian Launch of CMaaS

Yves Helven, Connector

The recent European launch of CMaaS, Corporate Mobility as a Service, has been remarkably successful despite the impact of Covid-19 and the associated shutdown. Yves Helven, cofounder and Managing Director will be on hand to explain why mobility for the Corporate user stands to be a game changer for Australia.

5:00 PM  

End of Webinar


Shane Curran

Director - CONNECTOR

With more than 25 years of experience in fleet management, mobility and related software, Shane is a growth-oriented, strategic leader with a focus on the APAC region.

""I think the toughest think for fleet managers right now is getting a handle on the enormous range of options. I don’t just mean vendors, but the array of approaches and technologies that are being advocated too."

Mace Hartley

Executive Director - AFMA

Mace has over 30 year’s commercial experience spanning retail automotive, general insurance and fleet management industries. He holds an Associate Diploma in Accounting and held Key roles including Chief Financial Officer for Sumitomo, National Sales & Distribution Manager for Swann Insurance specialising in Fleet, Broker and New Markets and General Manager of Smartfleet Management. Mace is passionate about people development and understands the best outcomes can only be achieved through mutually beneficial relationships.


Tom Broos

Co-founder and CTO - Vaigo

Tom is the co-founder and CTO of Vaigo, the smart mobility management for employers. The platform enables large organisations and multinationals to offer flexible, multi-vendor mobility policies to their employees, without administrative hassle. Tom previously worked as a business analytics consultant and is affiliated with KU Leuven as a human-computer interaction researcher.


“The problem with 90% of mobility tools is that they only address the needs of 10% of the employees in a typical corporate environment. We can do a lot better than this once we put employees, their wishes, and their challenges at the centre of the solution.”.


William Ireson

Global Director Mobility Services - Connector/CMaaS

Previously based in the City of London as a Consultant in Corporate Health, Risk and Wellness solutions, he then moved to Amsterdam, his current home, for a role with Nike as a Global Benefits Manager, developing a more strategic skillset across Total Rewards design, implementation and governance, whilst also satisfying his passion for sports. With a creative and innovative mindset William was also able to explore and develop new Fleet and Mobility Solution, that met the evolving needs of the business and employee engagement. 

Ron Sullivan

Co-founder - OviDrive

Ron Sullivan has over 20 years’ experience in logistics, fleet management and leasing and is the co-founder of OviDrive, the only platform in the world that uses real-time data, machine learning and AI to automate vehicle and fleet management. 

“The role of technology in delivering mobility is still not well understood in the general market. Artificial Intelligence allows us to predict what the user wants and that becomes an integral part of the experience.”


Ovidiu Radu

Co-founder and CTO - OviDrive

Ovidiu is the Co-Founder and CTO at OviDrive, an AI powered SaaS vehicle management platform delivering digital fleet and mobility solutions for enterprise customers all over the world. OviDrive is the operational, administrative and financial link between connected cars, digital driver profiles, mobility suppliers and user facing fleet and mobility products. Ovi has 14 years experience designing and architecting software solutions. Prior to joining OviDrive, he founded Alien Intelligence, an Australian software development company focused on AI & ML. It currently has 42 employees across 3 continents. Ovi has also launched two other start-ups with recent achievements in AR and AI.


Yves Helven

Managing Director - Connector K.K.

With 20 years of automotive experience (OEM, FMO, Fleet Outsourcing), Yves Helven is the MD of global fleet consultant Connector.

"The era of traditional fleet management is coming to an end. The inflation of regulations in the advanced markets and the changing demographics in the emerging markets are inviting us to think differently. It’s time for client and supply chain to join forces and decide what “Mobility” means.”

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The Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) is a member based, not-for- profit peak industry body with over 600 members throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

AfMA embraces the entire spectrum of the fleet industry by forging an inclusive relationship within the automotive industry, including manufacturers, importers, distributors and other suppliers.


CMaaS is a digital solution for corporate fleet management and mobility solutions. AI powered, CMaaS increases operational efficiency, reduces cost, improves safety and creates a suite of benefits and flexible solutions for corporate fleets.


OviDrive®™ is the ultimate SaaS vehicle control system:


It takes any size fleet beyond traditional automation, using real time data and machine learning capabilities to deliver a fully integrated & infinitely scalable service

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Vaigo enables a new kind of mobility policies for large companies that care about how employees travel to work, everyday. By combining the best of breed Mobility & Technology solutions, Vaigo manages companies' unique mobility policy to help enforcing it, in zero-admin mode, while enabling every employee to choose their best options, within authorised limits. Simple.

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