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Maturity Test

Fleet Maturity Test

The Fleet Maturity Test allows you to quantify the maturity of your fleet in the context of 6 categories: Car Policy, Risk Management, Sourcing & Supplier Management, Contracts & Agreements, Mobility and Powertrains, Data & Cost. The Survey walks you through the main areas of contemporary Fleet Management. After replying to 30 detailed multiple choice questions, the tool will calculate a maturity score and positions your score against a target maturity level, calculated in function of the fleet size.


You can use the tool to quantify the results of your efforts in a country or region, but most of all, we want you to enjoy this survey!

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Insurance Maturity Test

Whether you lease your company cars or buy them, you’re bound to end up with different types of coverage depending on the supplier or the location of your cars. In reality, it’s possible, even likely, that not all your employees are insured in the same way against the same risks.


This self-test is designed to help you. 14 qualitative questions will guide you through the different areas of car insurance that offer potentially a better coverage, more ownership, increased savings and eventually a better protection of your employees.


Once the questionnaire finished, your fleet will receive a scoring. A high score means that your fleet has reached a high level of maturity, a low score implies that there are still many areas left to intervene and make a difference.


You can also compare the insurance maturity of several fleets. The Insurance Maturity Test will calculate for you where your intervention is most necessary and which topics need to be tackled first.


Enjoy the Insurance Maturity Test!

This function isn't available by Mobile


Group Sharing

Invite other people to share 
their Maturity Test results with you
How are your colleagues or local Fleet Managers doing? How can I demonstrate to my organisation that I’m doing a good job?
The Group Sharing feature allows you to invite anyone to do the Maturity tests. Depending on the settings that you define in the invitation, the people who are invited will be able to see only their results or the results of the entire group that you have created. As a Group Owner, you will always see all of the results of the Group.
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