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Would you drive less if fuel prices go up?

Fuel pricing has an impact on people's behavior. It stimulates the use of public transport and car sharing. But how does it work in a corporate fleet, where the employee is blessed with a fuel card? Just a quick reminder of the importance of a comprehensive TCO calculation! Connector is here to advice you on global TCO calculations : each country has different parameters & our local experts are here to help you!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this interesting feature on research done by an Australian university in Indonesia.


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Few trends have swept an industry the way the concept of “Mobility” has swept through the fleet management industry in the past decade. It has become the cure-all buzzword for fleet operators, human resource departments and travel managers worldwide, but it seems that there are as many definitions of "Mobility" as there are people to define it.


This paper considers the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses in general and the fleet management world in particular. We look at the developing trends in the field as well as the impact on people and places. Complete with practical recommendations and forecasts of coming changes, the documents considers how Mobility will affect you and your business and how you can turn it to your advantage.


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