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Three Big Issues for Fleet Management's Future

People, Cars and Tech

The Fleet Management industry will go through some extraordinary changes over the next 5 years and more than one company will depart the industry. Assuming of course that the industry still exists.

Whether you’re a fleet manager, an FMO, a rental business, a car sharing business or a taxi owner, your world will be shaken in the next five years in ways that it has never been shaken before. Get ready for the upheaval.

The end game is total mobility services, or if you prefer, Mobility as a Service. Offering transport services on a usage basis rather than on a time basis.

In my last post I wrote about some of the big fundamental, structural changes are already happening and will continue to happen for a while yet. Trends that are shaking up and shaping up the industry. This post is some practical advice on how to manage these changes and just maybe, take advantage.

The three key areas are People, Cars and Tech. If you’re an FMO, that pretty much sums up your industry.

People No, I’m not going to trot out some lame platitude about people being the most valuable asset your company has. They are, but you already knew that.

What I am going to tell you is that cars are no longer your focus, people are.

The buzzword of fleet management today is mobility and you need to break that down a little and understand what it really means. The most significant thing it means for fleet managers is that you are no longer managing cars, you’re managing people.

And if you thought managing cars was tough, you’re going to find people a nightmare.

Mobility is all about on-demand transport. It’s about supplying access