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Connector starts Insurance Consulting

Connector is proud to announce its partnership with the insurance consulting company fi insurance. fi insurance is a Europe based insurance advisor specialised in global, fleet related risk management questions.

This collaboration allows Connector to propose stand-alone and complementary services for the Fleet Manager : unbundling of insurance, captive programs, insurance scans, second opinion expertise and roll out or completion of international programs.

Touching the insurance program of a fleet is a complex matter, and therefore often pushed back. Nevertheless, ROI's exceeding a 1:10 ratio without impacting the employee's comfort are within hand's reach.

The fi insurance team have a fleet background and understand the challenges and objectives of the Fleet Manager. The company has successfully rolled out local to global programs for fleets up to 50.000 vehicles and is identified as one of the few truly corporate fleet oriented, independent insurance consultants.

In January 2018, Connector will launch the sector's first online insurance survey, a tool that will allow you to quantify the insurance maturity of your fleet and, just as important, discover savings potential through insurance programs.

Come and talk to Connector for comprehensive Fleet advice : insurance, tax, project & change management, traditional Fleet Management advice and technology. And there's more to come!


Connector Insight



Few trends have swept an industry the way the concept of “Mobility” has swept through the fleet management industry in the past decade. It has become the cure-all buzzword for fleet operators, human resource departments and travel managers worldwide, but it seems that there are as many definitions of "Mobility" as there are people to define it.


This paper considers the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses in general and the fleet management world in particular. We look at the developing trends in the field as well as the impact on people and places. Complete with practical recommendations and forecasts of coming changes, the documents considers how Mobility will affect you and your business and how you can turn it to your advantage.


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