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Important projects planned for 2018?

After way too much food and bubbles, we're (almost?) happy to get back to business. Time to start working on these good intentions. As many of you, we've got a couple of big projects planned at Connector; as the loyal reader knows, we're still a pretty young company, but the ambitions are there: more online tools for the Fleet Manager, bigger geographical coverage, more products. Especially IFRS and Insurance are going to be highlights in 2018.

Big projects however are painful - our Project Management partner CPC once told us that less than one third of all projects don't realise their full potential. If we're really honest with ourselves, we all remember projects that kick off with loads of enthusiasm, but that end up leaving us frustrated about the poor result...

Michael Babilon-Teubenbacher has given some good tips in an article published on GlobalFleet ( and he has also referred to the PM tool on the Connector website. The tool will help you assess a simple question : can I do it by myself or do I need help?

Why don't you try it yourself? Click here :

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