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Sydney to host the Connector M15 Mobility Forum.

Connector KK, the Japan based, global fleet consulting network, have announced that the Australian Mobility forum – the M15 – will be held on 26th June at the BDO offices in Sydney. The forum will bring together 15 key stakeholders in the corporate and governmental fleet space to discuss and develop mobility options within the Australian market.

Yves Helven, MD of Connector KK, says that this sort of small, focussed forum is vital for the development of full mobility solutions in a market like Australia. “Mobility is a hot topic globally,” says Helven, “but a market like Australia has unique challenges to face if mobility solutions are to become a reality. The sheer size of the country is one point; a widely dispersed population will not have the same solutions as a densely populated market, but then there are other factors to consider as well.”

“For example, Australia is a federation of 8 largely independent regions for matters like public transport, vehicle licencing and similar laws. This will require quite some collaboration between government to facilitate a national solution.”

Helven is passionate about developing integrated solutions and sees the M15 forum as a crucial step toward achieving this.

The forum brings together 9 senior fleet managers from leading Australian corporates and six industry vendors that serve the industry. Helven explains, “It’s our job to help client and supplier navigate between solutions and overcome practical hurdles. With this format, each of the vendors covers a topic specific to their area; for example BDO will be speaking on some of the tax and accounting issues, Toyota Fleet Management will represent the FMOs, OviDrive will speak as technology experts and so on.”

“Frost and Sullivan, the global market research organisation has actually completed a comprehensive study of this area quite recently, so we were especially keen to have them involved.”

“A small forum like this one allows the discussion to be very focused and the communication to be very personalized. We’re not creating a generic message for a diverse crowd, we’re creating a very personalized discussion between 15 interested parties.”

In Australia, Connector is represented by Shane Curran, founder of Stonecutter Consulting. He’s especially pleased that Connector has chosen to host the first forum in Sydney. “Australia has some real opportunities to take the lead in the mobility space particularly, but also in collaborative consumption space more generally. The missing link at present is a strong and consistent dialogue between the supply chain and the fleet manager.”

“Our objective here is to host these discussions and then use this as the basis of a series of papers and hopefully, genuine initiatives around the mobility and car sharing space.”

The M15 forum is planned to be a regular session conducted every 4-5 months.

The M15 forum will be conducted at the Sydney offices of global advisory firm BDO at One Margaret Street Sydney on 26th July 2018.

For more information about the function, visit the website or reach out to Mr. Kota Tsuda, Marketing and Events, at


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