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How to Destroy Value, Bad Projects = Bad Business

With apologies to Leo Tolstoy, all good projects are alike but all bad projects are bad in their own way.

From the moment of project inception until the final steerco closure meeting the number of things that can go wrong with a project are almost infinite. Poor Vendor selection, bad staffing decisions, over-reaching on the first attempt are all problems that have been faced - and been failed - by business around the world.

In the rapid-fire world of business, successful projects are the key to successful change and there can be no doubt that bad projects mean bad business.

There is no magic bullet for successful projects but there is a solution for every set of circumstances. They key is to find the right people with the right set of tools and experience.

Connector has managed and directed projects all over the world and built up a network of teams and tools that can be used in most mobility, fleet or automotive projects. We've learned that the best projects are dull ones where everything goes to plan. We like dull projects.


Shane Curran | Director Connector APAC


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