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Love my Tender

In a scene deleted from the movie Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman's character says "There's two kinds of people in this world, Elvis people and Beatles people." While that's pithy and succinct, sometimes it's better to go with the Vienna Philharmonic. It's not always a matter of picking 'the best', it's usually a matter of picking 'the best fit'.

Too often when corporate fleet managers issue tenders they have already decided the outcome. I need a fleet management organisation and so I issue a tender document to a series of fleet management organisations. But what it that's not the best solution? What if there's an entirely different approach that would be the best fit for your company and your circumstances?

At Connector we've found that every fleet is unique and every solution needs to be tailored for the specific circumstances of that fleet. Maybe it is a matter of Elvis or The Beatles but more often the best fit is something that is prepared and composed for the specific occassion.

We've worked with fleets around the world. Not just to assess suppliers, but to first determine which category of supplier is the best option for your business. Don't be cruel, send us an email today.


Shane Curran | Director Connector APAC



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