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Mature CEE markets ready to evolve?

The CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe) is hardly to be called emerging anymore when it comes to Fleet & Lease. With an average growth of 2 to 3 % above their local GDP the markets are growing steady into a maturity level which can be compared with some of the West European markets. Big International Corporates found their way to these markets already since a little less than two decades. Local heroes established themselves firmly. Service levels increased, and the mid-sized companies are now developing into a interesting potential client base to grow business. Still there are a lot of differences. Shared mobility and EV are coming on the radar in a far less pace than in Western parts of Europe. Same applies to private lease, which might be a product for self employed people, but not for the larger majority yet. Fleet Management instead of Full Operational Lease is (still) very popular. Maybe CEE is leap frogging Western Europe in this area unintended.


Robbert van Muyden | Director Connector Europe

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Few trends have swept an industry the way the concept of “Mobility” has swept through the fleet management industry in the past decade. It has become the cure-all buzzword for fleet operators, human resource departments and travel managers worldwide, but it seems that there are as many definitions of "Mobility" as there are people to define it.


This paper considers the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses in general and the fleet management world in particular. We look at the developing trends in the field as well as the impact on people and places. Complete with practical recommendations and forecasts of coming changes, the documents considers how Mobility will affect you and your business and how you can turn it to your advantage.


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