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On the barricades for smart last mile solutions in congested cities

Solving the inner-city last mile (average travel time 8-10 minutes at a speed of 10 mph) challenges generates a booming and lively “new” industry which evolved and led to new business models for mobility suppliers and aggregators. Solving congestion, pollution and parking problems with EV scooters, EV steps, EV bikes, outside inner-city parking solutions etc. Mostly Micro Mobility vehicles fit to serve one or two persons, at different kinds of paying or subscription models.

Great to have all these initiatives, but how to organize it in a way that your employee and you are happy? Loads of admin, new policies, new governance and continuously scanning new developments. A challenge or a nightmare? One city trying to solve the last mile by letting EV steps in, already ended up in a total nightmare, Paris is fed up with all the steps laying around the pavement ad random with 10+ stacked on a pile, literally barricades……….

Anyhow, we think these solutions can bring value to your mobility proposition for your employees. Need help? Let’s talk.

Robbert van Muyden | Director Connector Europe



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Few trends have swept an industry the way the concept of “Mobility” has swept through the fleet management industry in the past decade. It has become the cure-all buzzword for fleet operators, human resource departments and travel managers worldwide, but it seems that there are as many definitions of "Mobility" as there are people to define it.


This paper considers the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses in general and the fleet management world in particular. We look at the developing trends in the field as well as the impact on people and places. Complete with practical recommendations and forecasts of coming changes, the documents considers how Mobility will affect you and your business and how you can turn it to your advantage.


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Fleet Maturity Test

The fleet maturity survey allows you to objectively measure the maturity of your fleet in 6 categories:

  • Car Policy,

  • Risk Management,

  • Sourcing & Supplier Management,

  • Contracts & Agreements,

  • Mobility and Powertrains,

  • Data & Cost.


After replying to 30 multiple-choice questions, the tool calculates a ‘maturity score’ and positions your score against a ‘target maturity level’ based on your fleet size.

Try using the tool based on specific global regions for your fleet to allow you to measure the results of your efforts in each country or region.

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