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What is a Fleet OS?

If you have ever used a smartphone then you would have heard of operating systems like Apple iOS or Google Android. Such systems are an operational layer between the hardware (smartphone) and the user. They help power a multitude of products and services like Netflix and Airbnb. So what does that have to do with mobility? Well, on-demand mobility products like Car2Go or CarBar are the equivalent of Netflix and Airbnb for transportation. For such products to run at peak scalability and efficiency they also need a Mobility Operating System behind the scenes, a back office machine, an operational layer between the hardware (vehicle) and the user facing product.

OviDrive is a Mobility Operating System that handles all those back office tasks like supplier management, cost control, live vehicle data, full suite of fleet operations, automated maintenance control, aspects that influence uptime, utilisation, availability, safety and profits. Their Mobility Operating System allows the mobility provider the freedom to do what they do best: provide an excellent level of service and scale freely.


Ovidiu Radu | Co-founder & CTO @ OviDrive, Mobility Operating System



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