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Categorization Tool

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Project Categorization

By classifying a project into a project category, you will receive best-practise recommendations for the required level of project management. 



Results and Guidelines
based on Project Category

 A  :  > 2.3

 B  :  > 1.4

 C  :  <= 1.4

Please answer the 10 questions for your project.
Subsequently, your project will automatically be classified into the according to project category corresponding to the defined guidelines.
1. Project Cost
Estimate the total project cost (internal & external)
2. Severity / Deadlines
3. Project Duration
Estimate duration of project from initiation to closure
4. Project Team Size
Includes the internal & external project resources
5. Project Reason
6. Visibility
Attention paid by upper management for this project
7. Business Process Impact
8. Dependencies
Number & importance of other projects & systems which depend on your project's success
9. Stakeholders
10. Risk
Check the Result
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