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People like to talk about their Company cars. They talk about it amongst colleagues, with friends, with their spouses, they discuss the brand, the model, the technology... The Company car is much more than a part of the salary. It reflects or reinforces the employee’s position in the company and by extension, the social status.



However, Company cars can also be treated as purely functional tools, machines that help to do the job. Here, it’s less about emotions and much more about a correct assessment of the needs and a careful selection of the best “ t for purpose” brand and model.


In both cases, the complexity of the Fleet Manager’s job is often underestimated, especially when the fleet is not located in a single country or when cars are being driven in regions where the supplier landscape is different from Europe and the US.



The Fleet Managers are facing increasingly difficult challenges: regional and global harmonization of Car Policies and supply chain, global tendering, the increasing demand for mobility budgets and pressure on expenditure have become part your daily lives.


So, from time to time, the Fleet Manager needs to reach out for advice and help, preferably at a reasonable pricing. The input of a subject matter expert or a locally based, independent Fleet professional can help to make the right decisions for the Company, but finding the right Expert and the cost is often an obstacle.


This is where Connector comes in.



We are an alliance of qualified fleet experts, located across the world, offering certified services, globally, to fleet owners via a “one stop shopping” platform at non-premium pricing. One point of contact for all your questions, regardless of topic or geography.


Welcome to Connector.

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