Total Cost of Mobiblity


Mobility Defined

Connector's definition of Mobility

MOVEMENT on demand.

The ability to systematise the MOVEMENT of HUMANS in ways that are most to their benefit and that meet the ORGANISER'S preferences.

The Mobility Ecosystem (Highly Simplified) 

HUMAN is moved from one location to another by PROVIDER on instructionfrom the ORGANISER

ORGANISER engages PROVIDER. PROVIDER delivers service of moving HUMAN accordig to ORGANISER preference


A single instance of a Human moving from one location to another.


The subject of mobility that is intended to be Transported. In a business setting this will typically be an employee.


The controller of mobility options. In a business setting this will generally be the employer.

Mobility is not about cars or bikes or public transport, it's about movement or the need for movement. That could include walking and could include forms of transport that are not really considered yet. Importantly, it could include not moving at all. That might mean using conference technology rather than transport or it might mean using on-demand office space.

The concept of mobility should be directed by the Organiser rather than the provider. It is the Organiser that engages the mobility provider and directs the preferences. In a Fleet Management context, the focus is on the management of the vehicles, in a bicycle sharing context the focus is on the management of the bicycles. In short. mobility is focused on the Organiser rather than the mode of transport.

Blueprint & Mobility 360

Blueprint and M360 are Connector’s unique tools to transit from a TCO or TCU model to Mobility.

Connector assesses your company, needs, employees and competitive environment and proposes a design, the Blueprint. Blueprint is then translated it into policy. With M360, the Blueprint comes to live and the supply chain is plugged it.


The Blueprint combines behavioral aspects of the Company and its employees with demographic, generational and environmental arguments.


lifestyle, needs, expectations, generational conflicts


Smart City solutions, Governmental subsidies


HR aspects, Home Office


Cost baseline, procurement methodology, Mobility Budget


M360 is the tool designed to activate the Blueprint. It assesses and selects mobility suppliers that are sustainable and compatible with the Blueprint.

Mobility Supplier

Solutions, funding, operations, match with needs


Smart City solutions, Governmental subsidies


Traditional supply chain (OEM, Leaseco, public transport) & New supply chain (sharing, hailing, pooling)

When Blueprint and M360 come together

  • Needs are defined in detail

  • Mobility needs quantified and qualified

  • Supply chain is selected

  • Cost & Savings are calculated

  • Documentation is available

  • Blueprint

  • M360

  • Solution handbook

  • Elevator Speech

  • Employee communication

  • Project ready to be submitted to the Works Councils

  • Change Management methodology/tools are defined

  • Communication tools are ready

Roadmap : Step by Step

Project Initiation

Step 1

Step 2

Blueprint & M360 Discovery

Step 3

Blueprint & M360 Finalization

Step 4

Implementation Preparation

Step 5


Step 6

Project Closure


Project Initiation

  • Team foundations

  • Agree on the Project architecture (RACI, GANTT, Timing)

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Status Quo Analysis (costs, contracts, suppliers, operations)



M360 Discovery

  • Research BLEUPRINT (desktop & survey)

  • Human Resources / Focus Groups

  • Tax / Accounting / Payroll

  • Culture

  • City and Workspace

  • Research M360

  • Supply Chain Evaluation

  • TCM Calculation


Blueprint & M360 Finalisation

  • BLUEPRINT & M360 Leadership submission

  • Works Council preparation and submission


Implementation Preparation

  • Project and Change Management Preparation

  • Conference Room/Business Case  Simulation

  • Engagement with Supply Chain (contracts, fees, KPI/SLA)

  • Operation Project



  • Change Management & Communications strategy

  • Trial Run Project incl. Corrective Phase (6S)

  • Implementation Kick-off

  • Solution Roll-out

Project Closure

  • Cost Evaluation

  • Satisfaction Evaluation based on feedback tools (survey, supplier KPIs)

  • Connector Evaluation


Connector Delivers TCM

Connector and our corporate partner can support all the journey of the TCM implementation. If you have any question, please feel free to contact to us.

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