Traditional Fleet Setup



Total Cost of Ownership


Components of Mature Fleet Management

Compo FM.png

1. Strategy

  • Budget

  • Operational excellence

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Risk & Governance

  • Employee buy-in/Change Management

4. Operations

  • Tools

  • Education

  • Process

  • Measure & Analyse

2. Policy

  • Lease or Buy

  • Manufacturer: Single or Multi-supply

  • Finance Suppliers: Single or Multi-Supply

  • Car Policy

  • Mobility Policy

3. Agreements

  • OEM

  • Finance

  • Fuel

  • Insurance

  • Technol

Roadmap : Step by Step

Fact Finding

Step 1

Step 2

Strategy Discussion

Step 3

Book Success Fast

Step 4

Risk Assessment

Step 5

Sourcing & Supplier Management

Step 6

Process & Control

Step 7

Prepare next steps: TCU & TCM

Fact Finding

  • Fleet maturity scan

  • Fleet composition analysis

  • Vendor scan

  • Process assessment

  • Vendor agreement assessment

  • Policy analysis

  • Cost analysis

Extensive analysis of current status quo and first advice.


Strategy discussion

  • Goals/ strategy short, mid and long term workshop

  • Project steps definition/ proposal

  • Stakeholder engagement.

  • Involve core functions (HR, Fin., Procurement) + Functional Leaders

  • Workshop setup: interactive, focused on objectives and concerns

  • Agree on project scope and prioritisation

  • Define deliverables and update strategy

  • Budget definition

Services include: document review, globalisation or regionalisation, communication planning, stakeholder engagement, project management, workshop management


Book success fast. 

Quick wins.

Policy and Fleet Management improvements that make impact

  • Policy Improvements

  • Slack on eligibility

  • Driver behavior

  • Alignment of the Policy to Market conditions

  • Fleet Management

  • Control/improve vendor performance

  • Vehicle lifecycle optimization

  • Process improvements

  • Invoice control


Address the Risks.

  • Policy

  • Accident data

  • Risks of budget overrun

  • Vendor strategy

  • Tax and legal assessment

  • Driver training & monitoring tendering

  • Technology and automation (connected fleet, telematics, robotics, AI)


Make Strategic Changes:

Policy, Supply Chain, Operations


  • Eligibility

  • Driver behaviour/recharge

  • Vehicle Selection

  • On-Demand or Mobility

  • Approval & Review process

Supply Chain

  • Agree on objectives

  • RFP process

  • Selection process

  • Contract negotiations

  • Performance management, SLA, PLA

  • Implementation


  • Process advice

  • Process strategy (insource/outsource)

  • Tool or vendor selection

  • Ops. Team training


Control, Improve, Maintain

  • Maintain processes

  • Control costs

  • Control the supply chain

  • Detect and Prepare for improvements


Prepare next steps TCU & TCM

  • Strategy discussion with Stakeholders

  • On-Demand and Mobility

  • Powertrains (petrol, diesel, new energy)

  • Environment

  • Eligibility

  • Adapt strategy to the Company’s evolution

Further steps depending on strategy discussion


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