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On-Demand Fleets

On-Demand is a highly efficient, cost saving manner of organising transport for, essentially, the Tool-of-Trade audience.


Software and AI support daily operations and automate most of the car related interventions. Efficiency of the local Fleet Managers increases to a 1 FTE for 1000 assets ratio. Fleet Managers focus on asset usage optimisation.


On-Demand fleets are much more than pool cars: they are the go-to solution for most employees.  

Traditional Fleet Setup

One Employee, One Car

On-Demand Fleets

Employees share a dedicated fleet of cars

Key Elements of On-Demand Fleet


  • Improved sourcing leverage (discount)

  • Simplified vendor management

  • Operational efficiency

As the concept of “my car” disappears in ODF, extreme harmonisation of make and model is possible. The ideal ODF is composed of one standardized car.

With reduction of the fleet size, electrification can be funded and with batch ordering, electrification can be accelerated. 



  • Efficient sourcing process

  • Renewals based on business needs, rather than on individual car contracts

  • Improved buying power

Asset replacements are easy to program and can be done punctually, once or twice a year, rather than on a weekly basis as it is the case with traditional fleets. With batch ordering comes buying power and batch orders can be commoditized, generating optimal procurement power.



  • Manage assets rather than people

  • Standardized operations

  • Ops focuses on optimised utilisation of assets

People cost more time than cars do. Any Fleet Manager knows that requests for special favors, individual interactions with internal clients and other driver matters take more time than the actual management of a fleet. ODF allows the Fleet Manager to focus on the essentials of providing mobility and maximising the use of the asset.



  • Keyless entry and ignition systems for employee access to vehicles

  • GPS systems for tracking vehicles

  • A website and mobile portal for information and transactions

  • A cost & usage engine to manage private/professional usage

  • A fleet management tool for scheduling use and maintenance

Connector delivers software that connects cars and employees with a Fleet Management Operating System. Our software is AI enabled and allows to manage both On-Demand and dedicated car fleets. Keyless entry needs additional hardware for older vehicles. Connectivity is created via mobile phone application and an ODB device.  


Requirements for

an On-Demand Fleet

ODF requires a new mindset and a transition from Fleet Management to Asset Management. The approach is different so the tools are different:

Connector Delivers TCU

Connector and our corporate partner can support all the journey of the TCU implementation. If you have any question, please feel free to contact to us.

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