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Group Sharing Function

Invite other people to share their Maturity Test results with you
How are your colleagues or local Fleet Managers doing? How can I demonstrate to my organisation that I’m doing a good job?
The Group Sharing feature allows you to invite anyone to do the Maturity tests. Depending on the settings that you define in the invitation, the people who are invited will be able to see only their results or the results of the entire group that you have created. As a Group Owner, you will always see all of the results of the Group.


With Group Sharing
You can be either Group Owner, Group Member or both. There are no limits to the combination of roles : as a Regional Fleet Manager you can invite your local colleagues in one group and be invited by your Global Fleet Manager to participate in a group that she or he has created.
Group Owner
Your options:
  • Create a new Group
  • Invite Members to your Group
  • Manage the access rights and other details of your Group Members
  • Check the results of your Group Members
Group Member
Your options:
  • Accept or decline an invitation to a Group

  • Leave a group

  • Submit your results to the Group Owner

  • View the results of other people in the Group, depending on the settings defined by the Group Owner

How does it work?

Create a Group and become Group Owner
Go to the “Create Group” function and go through a couple of easy steps. We recommend giving your group a name and description that reflect the purpose of the Group and are easy to understand for everyone.


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Invite Group Members (Group Owner)
Go to the “Edit Group” function. Here you can invite Group Members to share their results with you. The Invitation Message contains a Group ID (complex alphanumeric key), necessary to protect your data, that your Group Members need to know when joining a group.
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Join the Group (Group Member)
The future Group Members will receive an invitation from the Group Owner to join the Group. They will need to enter the Group ID in order to become a member.
If the Group Members are not yet registered to the Connector Lounge, they will also need to create a login and password. The Connector Lounge contains many useful functionalities and has enhanced data protection.

And that’s it!​

You can now access all of the Maturity Tests from your Group Members.
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