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Car Policy Design and Review

Your Car Policy is essential to control your Fleet and your Fleet related costs. We consider the Car Policy not as an isolated document : it is the main tool to steer behaviour, promote supply chain selections and emphasize your Company’s concern for driver safety. Our services include document review, globalisation or regionalisation of the Car Policy and the roll out of larger Policy related projects that include communication plans, stakeholder engagement and Project Management.

Lease versus Buy versus Cash Allowance

Selecting the correct sourcing methodology is often reduced to its financial impact : cost of leasing is compared to the cost of purchase and the cheapest option is selected. In our view, this is only true in some cases. In the less advanced markets for example, a number of additional factors need to be taken into account : availability of networks, increased administrative workload, invoices versus expense notes,… Making the wrong sourcing choice may result in increased idle time for your vehicles and your employees. Our services on the ground are aware of the parameters that will help you make the right decision.

Telematics and Risk Management

Control is key in Fleet Management. It happens that full transparency is not available (especially in the less developed fleet markets) and the Fleet Owner needs to rely on external solutions. Telematics is the technology that takes care of these concerns : current mileage, driver behaviour, private/professional mileage, route planning,… are only a few examples. Reality is that telematics have an upfront cost, but reduce fuel cost, increase safety and have a positive impact on employee efficiency. Connector can assist you with the tendering of the supplier, the selection of the correct product and the roll out of the program, including user/stakeholder engagement.


Technology evolves quickly, behaviour and preferences however evolve slowly. We can assist you in the transition from a 100% combustible program to a new and efficient mix of powertrains, non-disruptive and suitable for the needs of your Company.

Company Car to Mobility Transition

Mobility has become the most fashionable word in the Fleet World. Many suppliers offer intermediate solutions, such as car sharing or flexible products where the employee can have one type of car for daily use and another type of car to go on holidays. Reality however is that this doesn’t cover real mobility needs. As a Customer, you need to puzzle together a number of solutions to obtain a true mobility package. Additionally, bold transitions tend not to work. Replacing the Company Car with a Mobility Budget might be attractive for millennials, but not for your employees. The Connector experts can design a change program for you, that includes a communication and engagement strategy for the employee, that will help you to move to Mobility in a controlled manner, integrating solutions as they are developed by the Industry.


Tendering in the Fleet Management discipline cannot be compared to commodity tendering. It’s not about the price of the car, nor about the upfront monthly lease fee. Costs incur during the entire life cycle of a vehicle and consist of many surprises. Tendering in Fleet Management is therefore much more about future risk control. We have the necessary expertise in house to assist you, for instance by issuing tender documents, establishing cost comparisons or even take over the complete tendering process in a much more comprehensive methodology than bidding tools can do.

Contract Negotiations, SLA and KPI service

After the tendering, the Contract needs to be vetted. Connector will assist your legal teams with the vetting process and point out the risks in your supplier contract. We also offer the service of designing standard level agreements and key performance indicators that will guarantee optimum service once the Contract is signed.

Supply Chain Assessments

Putting the correct Supply Chain in place is a complex process where balancing is crucial : Supply Chain dynamics that cannot be neglected. Selecting one out-of-place supplier can put at risk the entire balance and add risk/cost to your fleet. Due to our global view of the Fleet Industry, Connector can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your setup and suggest change towards a healthier and balanced Supply Chain.

Supplier Integration

Fear of change often limits our willingness to integrate new suppliers, move from sole to dual supply or tender objectively. The quality of new supplier integration and the management of change define the quality of your project. This is where our experts can step in and help you being successful.

Savings Programs

The need of savings projects can come from the Company’s objectives, but also from an excessive or uncontrolled spend in the past. Connector can design for you a savings program based on either Policy, Fleet Management or Sourcing. Our Savings programs can have high or low driver impact, depending on your Company’s preferences.

Communication Strategy

Communication is only partially about language. A communication objective needs to be set in the correct cultural context, with the right tools. Because Connector works with people who are familiar with the local cultural context, we can help you sell your vision outside of your own environment.

Change and Project Management

Our team of Project and Change Managers are at your availability to execute any type of Fleet related projects. We can offer Project Design, Stakeholder Engagement Sessions, Project Roll-out and integrated or separate Change Management.

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