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A bundle of trouble

The contract for the mobile phones for my teenage daughter and I includes a monthly amount of data that I am unlikely to use in a year. It's an amount of data that my teenage daughter describes as 'barely adequate'. It includes unlimited calls and texts within Australia for which I am eternally grateful. My daughter on the other hand is only vaguely aware of what a phone call is (apparently in those rare cases when you actually 'talk' to a person rather than text them, you use an app rather than making a phone call). The plan also includes a subscription to Fox Sports or, in my daughters case, to Fox drama.

The phone company has made this bundle of goodies available on the basis that there is something for everyone. You can't tailor a specific deal for a specific person, but if you could, how would it look? The incremental cost of supplying a few extra gigabytes of data is almost trivial and the incremental savings in decreasing the allowance is equally small.

The point here is that the process of unbundling is not always a sure fire way to create cost savings. For many fleet and leasing companies, it's often cheaper for them to bundle certain of their components than it is to take them out. It's also often cheaper for an existing supplier to provide a product than it is two use separate suppliers.

At Connector we view each client as unique. We work with your internal teams to understand what you value highly and what you consider less important. We help you use this information to create a fleet and mobility policy that is suitable for your specific circumstances. Maybe unbundling is part of the answer but we've found that asking questions before grabbing hold of answers can be very worthwhile.


Shane Curran | Director Connector APAC


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