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Shocking news for the Fleet Manager!! Courage generates more savings than tendering!

Here’s a common question from Fleet Managers to Connector consultants: “We need savings, fast. Can you deliver them?” The question usually comes from experienced people, who’ve done an OEM tender, who have agreements with fuel providers, who have tendered leasing providers… but don’t get any further than a 5% savings on TCO.

Truth is, mature fleets can’t get much more sourcing efficiencies. Most vendors (OEMs, leasing companies,…) are under more pressure than ever to realise their margins. Your sign-on bonus? Volume rebates? No surprise, you’re funding them yourself. And it’s not fair to blame the supplier: the market has reached maturity. In addition, we continue demanding more and better services - we want that driver app, we want benchmarking studies, we want SLAs and KPIs, we impose our contract templates, we do multibidding,… You know what? There’s a limit to what the supply chain can do for us.

Now, here’s the good news. Ever thought of modernising your fleet? And we’re not talking only about mobility. We’re talking about on-demand fleets, introducing artificial intelligence, commuting policies… There’s a way of realising savings and, at the same time, improving employee efficiency, reducing emissions, attracting more talent and adapting your fleet to your Company’s new business models.

Sounds too good to be true? Come talk to us; we won’t be speaking about tendering, but about benefit policies, employee retention and technology. We’ll help you convince your management and works councils. The only thing we need from you? Courage!


Yves Helven | Management Director Connector


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