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Welcome to Connector

Your one-stop-shop for Car Fleet Advice.

We are a Community of Fleet Experts offering you global and cross-functional expertise via local representation.


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About Connector

Centralized and affordable Fleet advice for Global Customers

Connector is a Community of Fleet Professionals offering advice and help to Fleet Owners all over the world. We cover a variety of disciplines, from traditional Fleet Management related questions, such as Car Policy design, supply chain selection and sourcing options, to more complex projects requiring Project and Change Management.


In addition to Fleet Management related matters, Connector is also your partner for questions related to Tax, Compliance, Insurance, Research and Technology. 


We serve the Fleet Manager and all other functions in the corporate Fleet ecosystem: Procurement, HR, Comp. & Ben., Finance, Compliance, HSE, Facility Management & General Management. 

Our Partners

To Provide Comprehensive Solution

Connector has partnered up with leading Companies in Tax, Compliance & Accounting (BDO), Data & Research (FROST & SULLIVAN), Marketing & Communication (NEXUS COMMUNICATION), Insurance (fi-insurance), Project & Change management (CPC) and Technology & Telematics (SpincLabs).

Connector Partners | Nexus, .CPC, SpinkLabs
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Our Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are Experts with a specific and exceptional area of expertise and reputation on the market

Some of our Experts are also our Strategic Partners. They are the first ones to have joined the Community and represent Connector in their country or region.

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Our Unique Values

Global Network
One Stop Shopping Platform
Certified Services
Non-Premium Pricing

We are an alliance of qualified fleet experts, located across the world, offering certified services, globally, to fleet owners via a “one-stop shopping” platform at non-premium pricing. One point of contact for all your questions, regardless of topic or geography.

One Stop Shopping Platform

Corporate Fleet related questions are rarely isolated and limited to one specific topic. A Car Policy review can generate questions about employee taxation; a global tender might need a project manager. This is why Connector offers a multi-disciplinary approach to traditional consulting. Our Experts come from different backgrounds within the Supply Chain or have been managing large fleets themselves. Also, Connector is linked to global Corporate Partners, such as BDO and Frost & Sullivan, to ensure that we can answer any question that might arise when we provide you with advice. Your Advantage? Only one point of contact for any concern and the involvement of real subject matter experts.

Non-Premium Pricing

Connector’s business model varies from that of a traditional Fleet Consulting firm. We adhere to an economy that is based on sharing knowledge, work and experiences and that is built on a principle of partnership, hence the name of the Company. We respect the integrity of our Experts and allow them to work independently from Connector as well as within the network. This is why our Experts feel comfortable in the Connector community and are motivated to contribute individually to the success of Connector. This also implies that Connector is able to operate in a very lean setup, where everyone does her or his part of the work and where almost no overhead costs need to be transferred to the Client. Our Corporate Partners appreciate this approach as well and understand the benefits of a community based economy. As a result, the Client has access to a premium network, but without the premium pricing.   

Certified Services

Each of our Experts has a successful track record in the Fleet ecosystem and are recognized, professionals. To join the Connector network, the new Experts participate in a set of interviews and tests and receive a Certificate of Excellence, that is reviewed annually based on Client feedback. Connector also applies a four-eye principle on each deliverable; before submitting the outcome of a Consulting job to the Client, all the documents, calculations and recommendations are verified by at least one other Expert. Connector also spends time with the Client to make sure there’s a good understanding of the expectations – this results in a Statement of Work that is mutually agreed by the Client and Connector. The four-eye principle also checks whether the Client receives exactly what she/he expects from Connector.

Global Network

The Connector Network reaches all continents, either through our Strategic Partner network or via our community of independent Fleet Experts. On each continent, Connector is represented in different countries and in some cases, even in different cities. Our community is unique; our Experts share experiences with each other and constantly improve their knowledge. Connector organises regular webinars for its network and also involves the Corporate Partners in the education process. Being Global means that our Clients don’t have to worry about finding local expertise, but also that our Clients know that the Connector network understands how global corporates work.

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Fleet Maturity Test

The Fleet Maturity Survey allows you to quantify the maturity of your fleet in the context of 6 categories : Car Policy, Risk Management, Sourcing & Supplier Management, Contracts & Agreements, Mobility and Powertrains, Data & Cost. The Survey walks you through the main areas of contemporary Fleet Management. After replying to 30 detailed multiple choice questions, the tool will calculate a maturity score and positions your score against a target maturity level, calculated in function of the fleet size.

You can use the tool to quantify the results of your efforts in a country or region, but most of all, we want you to enjoy this survey!

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The M15 Forums

Thought Leader Forum for Fleet Managers
The M15 Forums are exclusive, invitation-only events with a strong focus on education. With the support of 6 subject matter experts from the supply chain (OEM, leasing, research, tech companies, mobility providers, tax specialist, consulting) a burning topic is explored from different angles. Each speaker receives 30 minutes to explore the topic from her or his point of view and expertise. The experts avoid commercial/sales pitches and concentrate on knowledge transfer.
Fleet Management is changing drastically. The client is facing new challenges and the supplier is exploring new services. M15 brings us together.
Upcoming Meeting
Expert Views on the Fleet Management

​November 13, 2018

2 pm - 6 pm

BDO Office (Level 11)

1 Margaret St,

Sydney Australia

Expert Views on the Fleet Management

November 15, 2018

2 pm - 6 pm

BDO Office (Tower 4, Level 18)

727 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC,  Australia

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Connector Online Forum

The quickest way to raise your questions is via the Connector Customer Forum.
The Forum consists of experienced Connector Experts as well as Fleet Managers who are registered in the  Connector Customer Lounge. The Connector Team in Japan keeps an eye on the quality and integrity of the conversations.
Perfect for a quick question of verification, this service is entirely free and just requires you to register to the Customer Lounge. The Connector Customer Community is also your sparring partner.
This is free service for all Connector Lounge Member.
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Connector Blog



Our views on Fleet Management


Become a New Expert

We would like YOU to join our Expert Community and support our Customers.
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